Roadfeeders is a Norwegian private owned Air Freight handling Company specialized in 2 divisions.

  1. Terminal handling
  2. Ramp Handling  – ground handling of all types of cargo aircraft

Roadfeeders was established in 1996 by Inge Mellum together with his son Lars Inge Mellum.
Lene Mellum is Chief Executive Officer.
Warbo gruppen entered into ownership in Feb 2015 with 49% of the shares
The remaining shares is partitioned between Lars Inge Mellum and Lene Mellum.
Roadfeeders reported in 2015 a revenue of NOK 126 000 000,-

Throughout the years, Roadfeeders has continuously expanded and further developed.
A brand new, airside located Air Cargo terminal is now able to support every Cargo handling need of any Airline, Forwarding agent, GSA and other customers.

Our new terminal facilities with the latest build Cargo handling equipment in regards to Screening, weight measurement, comprising a terminal handling floor combined for Perishables and GEN cargo of approx. 6 000m2. Together with Office space of approx. 510 m2 This provides our customers with the utmost flexibility of access to capacity and securement of handling their valued goods in time, on time, every time.

Roadfeeders aims to become the best Air Freight Handling Company in Scandinavia, able to tender the need in an ever changing marked. We focus to enhance customer experience, compliance, security, customer development, growth, long-term relations to our customers.


Opening Hours

Perishables06:00 – 13:0000:00 – 14:0000:00 – 14:0000:00 – 14:0000:00 – 14:0000:00 – 14:00Upon request
Warehouse06:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 15:00Upon request
OPS Office06:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 22:0006:00 – 15:00Upon request